General Engineering

Rigid, strong, hard wearing and cost effective, general engineering thermoplastics including NYLON, ACETAL, and UHMW are ideal for general engineering applications, such as rollers, drive sprockets, and idler wheels. Jig blocks and separation trays.

Bottling & Canning

Hard wearing PE materials for colour coded change parts, including starwheel, plough-guidess, pucks etc. Low friction guide rails and bottle supports.

Conveyor Industry

Low friction UHMW PE and Nylons material for corner wearbends, chain runners, extruded wearstrips and guide rails. Conveyor slats and chain sleeves. POLYCARBONATE / PETG covers and guards.

Food Industry

Food hygiene and material compliance is constantly changing. Our material manufacturers remain at the forefront of new developments in material technology to keep ahead of EU and FDA extraction and migration regulations. Our PE500 is ideal for cutting boards, mould plates, platens, dough boards, meat stompers and rolling pins. Other compliant materials are available to suit applications.

Transport / Argicultural Machinery Industry

Beater bars, gallery blocks, seeders rails, and rollers for agricultural equipment. Buffers block, light mounts, brackets, kick strips, bulk head rails and pole support for articulated trailers. Anti-corrosives plough blades, belt guides, pipe clamps, pivot bushes and spinner discs for gritting vehicles.

Bulk Handling

Impact resistant, hard wearing and excellent slip properties, we supply antistatic PE Bunkers liners, conveyors belt wearstrips, and heavy load, NYLON 6 Green Oil filled bearings and rollers.

Chemical Industry

Anti-corrosive parts manufactured in polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE materials, including seals and gaskets, scrapers and fabricated vessels