NYLON 66E improved wear resistance, hardness and higher strength compared to 6E. In addition nylon 66 has a higher melting point and reduced water absorption rate, which results in higher precision on machined parts.

Furthermore, this grade is FDA approved. However, impact strength is reduced compared to 6e. With the addition of MOs2 additive, nylon 66 black (and grey) shows improved wear and abrasion resistance, lower coefficient of friction and reduced moisture absorption. Stiffness, tensile strength and temperature resistance are also improved when compared to nylon 6 and 66 unfilled grades. NYLON 66 black is not suitable for food contact.


  • Sliding bearings
  • Gears & Sprockets
  • Wearplates
  • Bearings
  • Food machinery

Availability sheets:
2000x1000x (0.5mm-6mm)

Standard Colours

Rod:- 6mm - 200mm Diameter

Rod:- 6mm – 50mm diameter