NYLON 6 CAST (Modified)

NYLON 6 (Modified)

NYLON 6 CAST (Modified) nylon 6 of green / yellow: internally lubricated with mineral oil filler, which improves friction coefficient by up to 50%, and wear resistance tenfold.

Moisture absorption is significantly improved. Ideally suited for more arduous tasks, such as high load, slow speed and dry running applications where standard nylon 6 would not perform effectively. Due to its lower coefficient of friction and the resulting improved heat build-up in sliding applications, nylon 6 of can operate with higher loads and speeds than other thermoplastics.


  • Gear wheels
  • Pullies & sheaves
  • Wearstrips & chain guides
  • Slider pads
  • Bearings

Availability sheets:
2000x1000x (8mm-100mm)

ROD:- 50mm – 500mm Diameter

Tube:- 50mm OD-500mm OD

Other filled grades of cast nylon are readily available, including:

  • Polyethylene filled
  • Wax filled
  • Oil filled food grade