Cast polyamide produced by direct polymerisation. Due to its casting process, this material is available in almost any size of sheet, rod and tube, as well as the ability to be custom cast to specific shapes. Furthermore, it is possible to modify product formulation with various additives to enhance performance and to suit applications.

NYLON 6g natural (unmodified): due to its high crystallinity, cast nylon 6 exhibits excellent mechanical properties. Compared to extruded nylon 6, cast grades have higher tensile and mechanical strength, and greater dimensional stability, as well as improved wear and abrasion resistance. However as with extruded nylon 6, under higher temperature conditions or damp environments, where moisture could be absorbed, tensile and compressive strength are reduced, softening can occur, resulting in an increase in impact resistance.

NYLON materials are commonly used as an alternative to polyethylene grades, where loading and temperatures are not suited to polyethylene.


  • Gear Wheels
  • Pullies & Sheaves
  • Wearstrips & Guides

Availability sheets:
2000x1000x (8mm-100mm)

ROD:- 50mm – 500mm Diameter

Tube:- 50mm OD-500mm OD