Dedicated Machining Service

Our machine shop is dedicated to the production of engineering thermoplastic components, processing all grades of engineering plastic materials. Our experienced staff ensure accuracy and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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Chain Guides & Wearstrips

Wear resistant, very low friction, impact resistant and self- lubricating, are inherent characteristics of uhmw polyethylene, making it the ideal choice of material for chain guide and wearstrips. Whilst supporting the chain, the profile reduces noise, improves slide and reduces load on drive motors and increases chain life.

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Corner Wearband & Captive Track

UHMW PE1000 is recognised as the proven material in the supply of corner wearbend segments into the filling and packaging conveyor industries. With it’s extremely low friction and abrasion resistance, PE1000 is an ideal interface between transit medium and the conveyor bed. Reducing noise, improving conveyor efficiency, and extending life cycle of chain and motors.

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In2 plastics manufacture a wide range of ancillary components for the conveyor industry, including sprockets, pulleys and rollers to suit all types of slat and roller chain and modular belt systems.

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Plastic Bearings, Rollers, Pullys

Thermoplastic materials are ideally suited for the manufacture of low friction bearings and rollers in a multitude of industrial applications. For optimum performance, materials should exhibit the following characteristics

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Extruded & Machined Profiles

In2 plastics offer a range of standard extruded clip on wearstrip and guide rails.

Minimum order quantities and tooling charges can be prohibitive. Custom profiles are machined to order from sheet material, and supplied in 2, 3 or 4 metre lengths.

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