Dedicated Machining Service

What We Offer

Our machine shop is dedicated to the production of engineering thermoplastic components, processing all grades of engineering plastic materials.

Our experienced staff ensure accuracy and quality throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Cutting
  • Planning
  • Routing
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Turning

We also specialise in 3 and 4 Axis CNC Routing and Milling Services.

Highly Skilled Engineers

Using their wealth on knowledge and experience, our highly skilled engineers manipulate designated feeds and speeds to obtain the best surface finish possible in thermoplastics materials. Standard carbide tooling is general used, with bespoke custom made tooling being made for non-standard angles and profiles.

Unlike steel, alloys and composite materials, thermoplastics materials are susceptible to thermal movement and as a result are not suitable for tight tolerance requirements. Ask our sales office for further details.


Offering anything from one off prototype requirement to long term scheduled batch supply, IN2 Plastics produce industry standard parts, and bespoke customer requirements from DXF/DWG/electronic media.

We offer the flexibility of quick turn-around wherever possible, and encourage customers bulk orders on scheduled and call off supply to achieve best prices whilst spreading invoice costs.