Extruded & Machined Profiles

Extruded Profiles

IN2 Plastics offer a range of standard extruded clip on wearstrip and guide rails. Profiles are available in extruded UHMW PE1000, usually supplied in Natural, Green, Black and Blue, and in 50 and 60mtr coils.

We offer the following varients:-

R11 Clip On 10

R417 U section

R11 Clip On 12

V1 Clip on U Section

B8 Clip On

R16 Clip on



R23 U Section

R236 U Section


R10.1 Clip on

P1-R13 Button Nose Section

Other variants are readily available, and bespoke profiles can be manufactured subject to minimum order quantities.

Machined Profiles

Minimum order quantities and tooling charges can be prohibitive. Custom profiles are machined to order from sheet material, and supplied in 2, 3 or 4 metre lengths...

We offer the following varients:-

Our through work facility also means we can supply profiles in materials not usually extruded, such as glass / ceramic filled polyethylenes and nylon grades.

Ask our sales office for more information.


Further to our range of extruded UHMW PE1000 sections, we also supply coiled PE1000 wearstrip. We generally stock Virgin Green material, however Black and White options are also available to order.

Standard colours


  • 20mm - 100mm thickness supplied in 50mtr coils.
  • Other non - standard sizes can be supplied from sheet in 2 and 3mtr lengths.

20 3 / 5
25 3 / 5
30 3 / 5
35 3 / 5
40 3 / 5
50 3 / 5
60 3 / 5
70 3 / 5
80 3 / 5
100 3 / 5