What We Offer

In2 Plastics manufacture a wide range of ancillary components for the conveyor industry, including sprockets, pulleys and rollers to suit all types of slat and roller chain and modular belt systems.

The use of plastic materials, considerably reduces the amount of noise, and chain damage. Sprockets and Pulleys manufactured in plastic are significantly lighter than steel sprockets and their resistance to corrosion, chemical attack and wear is excellent.

Easy Assembly

Split sprocket design allows for easy assembly and replacement, without the need to strip the conveyor, reducing the time required for installation and maintenance. We can manufacture a variety of tooth form to suit all chain types including 800 and 1800 series Tab and Bevel slat chain, 600/1400 case chain and ISO / Ansi rollers chains.

Happy to advise

All sprockets are machined to order, and have a tooth design to ensure smooth operation, correct chain sprocket interaction, and correct chordal movement. Our sales staff are happy to advise on the most suitable material for customer applications.